The home values looks a little low to you that’s why keep track of homes in my neighborhood right and my own it seems as if it’s slow from what I’ve seen of some reason sales and so if for some reason you need to know the value of your home you are going to sell it or financing or its part in a state that your value way it’s much better to get either a comparative market analysis from a licensed Realtor for an appraisal do not go by cash value on a statement from the assessor that’s going to be lower.

Why Property Valuation Brisbane the assessor want to give me a lower for cash value on their property just just to cut down on the number of Appeals that’s the main reason I guess. it takes too much time and money also if you feel that your value is still too high you know some people have unique properties there’s not that many perils if you feel that it’s still too high you have days to appeal and what you want to appeal is the number that they can view the full cash value not factual tax they pay and this happens more often commercial and again unique residential properties.

Where there’s not much to compare it took now there is another number on that regulation formed it was sent to me wast hat that’s helping the limited property value and that’s the number of that they used to calculate your taxes so that number is actually interesting because one of the reasons that it sometimes doesn’t show much of a relation to your full cash value is that your limited property value can only increase a maximum of % a year so even hurling probably was going crazy right some people’s property was even percent our taxes that the number that.

Our taxes based on could only % so there was indeed people were really getting so like a tax bonus times what happens then is as good market dropped the continue to catch up so that’s why you see so many times that your test value down your limit property value will go up because it hasn’t caught up to the value yet although I would imagine there’s some properties from like across much

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