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Go out of business and that because your personal investment philosophy how likely is the post office likely go evidence and they do can you get that property re rented for the current market rent so this particular properties recent up twelve dollars a square foot double that and on the national perspective that’s a good rent right local perspectives ha veto look and see.

How much when i read this property for it that way related in a small market there are turning data points and so you have to be a little bit more subjective returning what your rental rates rebut you know i have capacitor have previous what year you don’t think that’s less than twenty years old with five years left on it with investment-grade tenant such as the OpenOffice think it’s pretty extraordinary capri i think the way that you make money on this particular property is buying it waiting for the economy to improve.

on the post office is uh…public relations impression to through and the capri she go down to make the price go up this is a very bite size are all also must call us a sample size property for commercial property into for happened on the box is this is pretty tight sites one properties in much much higher price point mack fifteen percent cash for off unbelievable castor off lady Catherine on this particular deal was and i need to have cap but because of that widespread between the interest rate and McCartney’s.

working in excellent Castro for this particular property this could be a great arbitrage opportunities you’ve got the ability to pull at the end of your property and your primary residence who pulled money out-at three and a half a four percent and you can go invest that for fifteen percentage offer evidence not total return this is one of the eight or nine ways that we talked about making money in real estate the castor office what gives you the cash flow theory of mind right cuss its next and we’ll see you work to service other debt that you taken outta to pay for this particular crackers.

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whole lot what if the conversion rate is a lot lower and only one percent of the users become paid users what if the company can improve its margins and so it keeps losing money and generating negative cash flow into the future the reality is that all these problems could turn the company into the next Titanic and so that is why you need such a high discount hereon.

startup Property Valuation Perth would say there are a few misconceptions think about everything that we’ve just been through the first one is this idea that the Doesn’t work for startups as we just saw you could certainly apply a and create a DC model for start-up it’s just not as useful because it’s so sensitive to the assumptions a DC is always sensitive to assumptions even for normal companies but it’s especially sensitive here because the company doesn’t have a real business yet another misconception is that if you use a DCFyou have to assume that the company starts generating free cash flow far into the future.

But as we saw hermit’s actually more important to assume that the company starts generating free cash flow very quickly if you don’t make that assumption and you only have the company generate free cash flow starting in say your you’re going to have a very difficult time ever getting anything reasonable for the implied value of the company simply because the present value from anything out your is going to be so low especially at a fifty percent discount worry and then finally this idea that the assumed long-term profit margins undervaluation majority of the value in a DC for start-up is going to come from the terminal.